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Hi, I’m Cynthia “DesignsWizard” Crafts – a native New Englander, spending many years in South Florida now back in the North East with my office in Warren, RI… I’ve been in the e-commerce, advertising & website design business world for over 20 years in various positions, from being an eBay instructor & teaching clients to operate and manage their online stores to designing theme templates and flash animation. We are available to help you with your project in person at our office, or via screen share, and also can provide interactive & animated tutorials.

Our Goal

Our goal on each project with each client is to excel in helping them succeed in their goals. Very often we meet new clients that do not have enough time to perform certain tasks that are important to their business such as posting to social media or creating the monthly newsletter for instance. Hiring us to do these tasks can not only save you time but can increases productivity by 18% or higher. We have helped service professionals, all types of companies, and retail business owners to create their online side of the business to help them gain new customers and new sales channels growing their online presence.

Track performance

We are very organized and track performance on each advertising project to show our clients the analytics that tells the story in more detail of the site visitors. We love to help our clients set up their advertising, as helping them get lots of clicks to their website whether it be new service customers or sales makes them happy and that makes us happy. We stand behind our work, and love what we do and always make sure our clients are satisfied with the project they have hired us to work on. 

website analytics agency. We can teach you how to read google analytics


Having the experience in 1990 from the (idea)inception of a product, to trademark, copyright, and patent, design patent, to bringing it to life through designing and creating a prototype, architectural drawings, manufacturing process , packaging, UPC code management, marketing, including brochure design, advertising and tradeshows. This has been an exciting journey that started with inventions that brought me to make my first website design with e-commerce, in 1996 for my product. Over some time many of my friends and others saw my website asking me to make them one, and that was the turning point that I decided to make websites for others in 2000.

Our Location

Our office is situated at a convenient location crossroads of 136 and 103. We would love to hear from you and about your project. Give us a call, or schedule an appointment today so we can help you with your online goals.

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